All my life, I’ve wanted to be an ant. Seeing ants walking on the ground always made me dysphoric, but I always kept it to myself, until it slipped one day.
I was talking about how much I loved ants, when I blurted aloud in the car “I want to be an ant too!” I covered my mouth frantically, hoping no one heard it. My parents pulled the car over. Uh oh. I’m a poor 15 year old boy, I’ve had these feelings all my life. What should I do?
They asked me what was wrong, cursing at me and belittling my choice to want to live like an ant. I explained “Momma!! Poppa! You don’t understand! All my life, I’ve wanted to be an ant, get surgery to get 2 extra limbs on my body and 2 antenna on my head, and live with others in an ant colony! Ugh, you’re such ant-phobes!!”
They couldn’t believe what they heard. Their once 15 year old son, now wants to be an ant!? They couldn’t believe what they just heard and tried to talk it out of me, but it’s how I know I should be. I should be just like all of the other ants, living freely, moving things that are 50 times my body weight, communicating with my antenna with other people who believe they’re ants. Who could rob someone of how they want to be?
PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE ANTS ARE ANTS TOO. CALL ME AN ANT. I’ve since found others who want to be ants, and we are all talking about getting surgery to become ants. We’ll all probably live in an ant colony one day. All these antphobes need to check their human privilege. I didn’t ask to be born like this, I should be an ant and have ant babies. There will be surgery one day to make me an ant.